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Growing your business is about expanding business within your existing clients or finding NEW CLIENTS. You can do this yourself or get help from an outside agency.  We offer to train your staff or provide marketing consulting services.



If using an outside agency is not for you, but your still want to generate new leads, then training your staff to perform these tasks maybe the right option for you.  We offer 1 day  or 1/2 day training courses in Social Media Management.

We can show you how to:

  • Conduct Keyword Research

  • Create a 7 step marketing strategy

  • Create and Setup a Business Page on your chosen social media platform

  • How to do paid advertising for your social media platform e.g Facebook

  • How to structure your Social Media advert

  • Put together a Content Management Strategy for £5 per day

  • How to monitor and adjust you marketing based on Insights provide by Social Media

  • In addition we can show you how to generate Leads organically

  • ...

Depending on your business requirements, the course can be tailored to your specific needs.

But you ask why, what is the benefit to your business to do this?

Social Media is useful for: 

  • Increase brand recognition

  • Improve brand loyalty

  • Greater opportunities to convert

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Higher Brand Authority

  • Increase traffic

  • Reduced marketing cost

  • Better SEO rankings

  • Better customer experience

  • Improved customer insights


All of which leads to increase sales!


Would a review of your existing online marketing activity be of benefit to you?

By a taking look at how you spend your marketing budget and how successful it has been, we can identify areas of improvement and reduce waste so your budget is used more efficiently and effectively.   We will produce a report of our findings for you to own and action accordingly.

  • We will look at your Branding and see whether it is consistent across all your marketing platforms,

  • We will examine your social media platform marketing and check if you are using the right platform for your business,

  • We will examine your ads and review your ads analytics for relevancy and success,

  • We will look for gaps in your online marketing,

  • We will look for unnecessary expenditure and waste in your online marketing budget,

  • We will make recommendations 

  • ...

Give us a call  to discuss how we can help you get more from your marketing spend!

Book a 3 hour session for marketing overview and action plan!

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