Keyword Research

No matter if your business is established or a start-up, Keyword Research is paramount. It is important to understand your client demographic and tailor your keywords, website URL and any ongoing marketing to the most relevant keywords used for your business and in your industry.

Different type of Leads?

Leads that Work use a variety of ways to find new clients and generate qualified leads. These Leads tend to be either organic leads i.e. free or Paid for leads sometimes known as PPC or Paid per click. 


Organic Leads

These are Leads generated by you, personally.    They are:

  • Posting in forums,

  • Writing articles for your industry papers or magazine

  • Guest posting

  • Posting in Social Media Groups

  • Email Marketing your list


Paid for Leads (PPC)

Paid for Leads, this needs to be planned well and the various paid for advertising tools understood before investing money this way.   Plan how you are going to generate Leads and set your goals and budget. Take time to understand the “Paid for ads” tool you are using.  If you don’t it could be expensive.


There are many ways to " Paid for ads"  I have listed a few:


  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Linkedin Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Pinterest Ads

  • Twitter ads

  • Paid for Forums

  • Paid for Blogs

Other online Lead Generation avenues you may wish to consider:

  • Webinars - we can help with all aspect of the webinar including but not limited to:

    • Building a database of contacts

    • Create the webinar presentation,

    • set up the website/landing pages

    • setup the webinar,

    • run the webinar

    • Manage the Q&A

    • record the webinar

    • send out the invitation and also the replays,

    • collect the revenue,

    • One off webinars or a programme of webinars

    • Joint Ventures

    • ...​​

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - we can provide:

    • On page SEO​ - review and fix any SEO oversights...

    • Off page SEO - create backlinks, check out your competitors...

    • One off SEO reports

    • Ongoing monthly SEO, with monthly reporting

    • ...

  • Email Marketing Campaign - As 94% of users still open emails, email marketing is an important marketing tool.  We can compile a one off campaign or ongoing targeted campaign including but not limited to:

    • customer research

    • competitor research

    • email creation,​

    • setting up the initial autoresponder

    • setting up autoresponder to send schedule emails.

    • Email Marketing Analytics

    • Campaigns

    • It can complement your Social Media

    • Also you own the data you capture!

    • ...

  • Video Creation

    • Online video creation which can be used in 

      • Facebook Banner,

      • Facebook Posts

      • Instagram Posts

      • Google Youtube

      • Website Welcome videos

      • Videos for Social Media Stories

      • Youtube videos

      • Email Marketing

      • ...

Qualified Leads are important to your business, NO Leads, No Sales, No Business.    It is important to do your homework, have an integrated marketing plan across all channels and invest wisely. Never just hope for the best!


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Do your homework, research your industry and find out what search terms your new clients or prospects are using and make sure you include these terms in your website content, website URL and in any future online marketing.  Check out Google keyword planner.

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