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Welcome to Leads That Work

Every business depends on a growing client base for sustenance, growth, and expansion. At Leads That Work, we help you expand your client base by generating new leads through online marketing.

We accomplish your stated goals through a variety of services that we offer. With more and more of your customer turning to online to research purchases, products and services, 90% of shoppers in fact,  it is important that your business is online and making you money



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Lead Generation


Every business wants a growing list of clients. However, the client base will not grow if the business is not generating new leads. This is why every company needs a robust, comprehensive, and effective lead generation strategy. At Leads That Work, we will help you create and execute an effective and efficient lead management strategy that keeps on giving. Our lead generation strategy includes: 

  • Chat Bots: Chat Bots are increasing in importance. It is so crucial to successful lead generation that we treat it as a separate lead generation strategy. We will help you with the design and implementation of messenger chatbots for your business.

  • Organic Leads: We conduct on-page and off-page search engine optimization to give your business more visibility on the internet. At Leads That Work, we use a variety of strategies like guest posting, publishing in industry papers, social media management, email marketing, webinars, and video creation to generate essential leads for your business


  • Paid Leads: We are experts in the design, execution, monitoring, and optimization of different ad platforms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


Every successful business begins with successful branding. While it is essential to create excellent products and services, the brand behind the product is most important. Some of our branding solutions include: 

  • Logo Design

  • Website Design

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Business Cards, Leaflets, and Brochures

  • Photography and Images

  • Packaging and Vehicle Graphic Design

Training and Consultation

What if you do not want an outside agency to implement your online marketing strategy? At Leads That Work, we help you train your in-house staff on tried and tested, new, and exciting online marketing insights, strategies, and practices. We train your staff on: 

  • Keyword Research

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Designing Business Pages on various Social Platforms

  • Designing and Optimizing Ads

  • Content Marketing Strategy and Implementation

  • Analytics

  • Organic Leads Generation

If your online marketing is not working, we conduct a detailed evaluation to identify weaknesses and help you optimize performance. If your online marketing is working but not as much as you would like, we will help you identify opportunities for improvement. Our consulting services include: 

  • Analyzing your marketing budget for effectiveness and efficiency. We identify areas of waste and inefficiency. 

  • Evaluating your branding across the board to see if it is consistent.

  • Assessing your Ads for relevance and performance. 

  • Identifying gaps in your online marketing

  • Make recommendations for improvement and optimization in all of these areas

App Development

An app can help you improve your business in many ways

  • increased engagement,

  • brand recognition,

  • higher sales,

  • improved visibility

At Leads That Work, we help you design an app for your business and provide complete mobile solutions. 

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